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Best MARTIAL ARTS CLUBS in the Bay Area

Are you in the mood for a challenge? Here’s a list of the top five Bay Area martial arts schools,
open to fighters of all ages and skill levels.

Hamilton Martial Arts Academy in Brentwood specializes in Japanese Karate. However,
they also offer instruction in Power Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Sport Karate. Classes are
available for kids and adults of all skill levels. For details and school hours, call 925-884-3800.
Other martial arts schools in Brentwood include American Karate, Delta TaeKwon Do,
Iacullo’s Martial Arts, Verrett’s MMA, and Bamboo Village.

Shinbukan in Campbell is a martial arts academy dedicated to Jiujitsu. But the schools also
has classes in Kodokan Judo, Kenpo Karate, Inayan Kadena de Mano Eskrima, and Hawiian
lua. The school is located at 1269 El Moro Drive. For rates and other details, call 408-377-

The Guangxi Martial Arts Tyrell Academy in Napa offers a diverse mixed martial arts
program, featuring Contemporary and Traditional Martial Arts, Kajukenbo, Mixed Martial Arts
(MMA), Tai Chi, and Weapons. The school is located at 3149 California Boulevard. Call 707-
257-0873 for more information.

Latosa Escrima Concepts, located in Windsor, offers cross-training into Filipino Martial Arts.
For details and class schedules, call 707-843-0640.

Last but not least, Gracie Fighter is a Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Berkeley. The studio is
located at 2438 Durant Avenue. For complete details, call 510-647-9281.

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